Relishin Tranquility Near the Sea-Shore in Crete


It’s summertime and we are craving for some quality time far from home, but near the sea. If you are planning to have a vacation in Greece, then you are probably eager to cover all its ancient monuments along with the traditional Greek cuisines near the sparkling sea beaches. So, you might look for one place whichhasan assortment of all such embellishments.

Well, you can get it allat Crete, which is the largest Greek Island. Crete is basically a feast for senses: ancient years’ culture, exquisite and historic cuisines and wild natural beauty. The place entails sturdy bays, glittery beaches, excellent nightlife and lavishing beach-bars.

In Crete you can discover remnants of the ancient Greek society, and you can also enjoy the gorgeous and glorious Cretan beaches. With all these paradisiacal landscapes, Crete is a wonderful destination and it welcomes its tourists with countless lavish shore-side hotels offering you the perfect sea serene view.

Crete offers thousands of scenic locations that can become the part of your vibrant photographs. The island captivates all the senses of majestic and impressive landscapes welcoming altogether with its vivacious and open-hearted spirit with rich history, world-eminent cuisines followed by the hospitable locals. For all those who are thrill-seekers, nature lovers and love hiking, Crete is no less than a paradise for them. It is also the home ofthe Mediterranean diet.

Crete is a place filled with magical atmosphere and is big enough to spend a holiday during which you can easily explore all the corners of the place. Crete is considerably the most eminent travel destination and an ideal getaway, whether you are with your friendsor family. It is a renowned sun-drenched island offering the best climate portraying the magical tapestry of sturdy and rough mountains followed by the crystal-clear seas. So, once you arrived, smell the wild scents, taste the fresh food and witness the exuberant wildlife.Apart from the visitors, Crete is also a great place for archaeologists and historians who are curious to know more about the island and its history.

About Aquila Hotels & Resorts:

When you are visiting Crete make sure that you have acquired the best accommodation andat affordable prices. When it is about choosing the hotels in Crete for having a completely fabulous holiday, Aquila Hotels & Resorts offers you a wide range of accommodation. Aquila Hotels & Resorts has earned five-stars for its top-class hotels on the island of Crete. All hotels from this chain are eminent for offering beach front hotels showcasing dazzling 500m long beach right in front of your eyes. With such scenic views, these hotels have become the favorite accommodation of the tourists coming to Crete, a delightful experience of sunshine, hospitality, premium services and modern amenities. All the villas, rooms and bungalows from Aquila Hotels & Resorts chain are housed with colorful gardens and conventionally-styled buildings.

Aquila Hotels & Resorts offers hotels in Crete that are well designed for families, friends, couples,to enjoy the mystical place while doing fun and relaxing activities followed by premium facilities.


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