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Milan and Amsterdam are two cities with a particular meaning in my personal experience. Milan: the city I adopted 20 years ago and where I returned to live after more than four years in Amsterdam.
Two cities different from each other and united by far more than the canals (the Navigli of Milan and the Grachten of Amsterdam) also by their liveliness and looking towards the future, aspects from which I have always drawn high energy.

This year Milan and Amsterdam have united also thanks to ACTE. In Amsterdam ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) will host its Global Summit dedicated to the European market. Milan will follow the tradition that has begun for several years now: hosting the Milan Education Forum.

Global Summit – Amsterdam October 23-25

With the Postillion Hotel & Convention Center as background, the Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum will open in Amsterdam on October 23rd.

The Amsterdam Global Summit will contribute to further developing the main theme of ACTE’s educational platform for 2019 aimed at Travel Managers, which is “Be the Travel Programme Leader”.

We will start in earnest with two parallel sessions (one for buyers and one for suppliers) in which one of the hottest topics in the industry will be faced with a collaborative approach: how to create a true partnership between buyers and suppliers.

It is the first time that a format with two parallel sessions will be used.

The results of these sessions, together with those resulting from sessions similar to the other Summits, will be collected in a final report to be presented at the Global Summit in New York in 2020. If you want to contribute to the future of the industry actively, be it buyers or suppliers don’t miss these sessions. I will have the honour and pleasure of leading the Suppliers’ session, together with Katharina Navarro, CapGemini’s Global Travel Manager.

The agenda continues until October 25th with a selection of contents and formats. It is a vibrant agenda, ranging from Education Sessions, to numerous sessions in plenary, with high-level international speakers: there is plenty of choices.

Sometimes the most exciting conversations are made while sharing a coffee and therefore do not miss the opportunity to compare, learn and have fun during the various networking moments that the event offers.

And if in the end, you get tired of talking about Business Travel you can always enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam. And I recommend you do not miss a bike ride!

Milan Education Forum- November 14

The Milan Education Forum, of which I am the organiser and moderator, opens its doors on November 14th at the Linate Crowne Plaza.

For this day we have chosen, together with members of the Advisory Board, a broad theme “Make your Travel Programme future proof”.

We know that in today’s world the only constant is change, and we believe that each company’s Travel Programme must also be ready to deliver within this context.

We are tightening new collaborations on the subject of “Change Management” to bring the experience of the leading experts in the field to the world of Business Travel. At this time I can’t reveal the details, but you will soon know everything.

The Milan Education Forum will also be an opportunity to talk about risk and how to protect the company and its travelling employees. We will talk about Diversity, and how we can create and manage a Travel Programme that serves the needs of multiple groups of travellers, so that everyone, when travelling to the company, can best meet their needs. We will return to talking about Communication of the Travel Programmme and how it is possible to improve communication with travellers. And last but not least, we will talk about Hotellerie and the trends of this sector with unique characteristics.

Everything will be characterised by many different formats so as not to get bored, high-level speakers, live polls, workshops, debates and much more. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for socializing, to chat in peace.

We are wrapping up the last  details of the programme. On the official page of the event at this link, you will find additional information, and if you wish to stay up-to-date on developments follow the official ACTE pages on LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you’re a professional in the world of Business Travel, you surely don’t want to miss two events of this importance.

I look forward to seeing you on October 23rd in Amsterdam for the ACTE Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum and on November 14th in Milan for the annual Education Forum.

Do not miss them!


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